per month


Single person Scheduling


per month per user


  • Unlimited Scheduling
  • Limited Document Storage


per month per user


  • Unlimited Scheduling
  • Unlimited Document Storage
  • QuickBooks Connector
  • Credit Card payments
  • Mobile Work Orders
  • Sales Tax Integration
“Anytime a business offers a service where you have a month to month relationship - you have little to lose. What we have learned since utilizing BizScheduler is we never knew how much we had to gain. The upside - immeasurable; The Downside - NONE!”
Andrew Smith

The Center for Precious Minds


Q. Will my employees be able to view secure information?

A. No. As the business owner or decision maker, you will be able to determine the access levels each employee has.


Q. How do I make sure that the software is updated to the newest versions and protected from viruses and hackers?

A. BizScheduler's online solution allows us to perform all the necessary updates to the software as well as protect from viruses and hackers. We also back all of your business' information up each night so you won't have to worry about critical data loss.

Q. Will you import my existing customers into BizScheduler?

A. Yes. As part of you setup and configuration phase, we will import your customer list from QuickBooks, Excel, or just about anything else that's in electronic form.


Q. Does BizScheduler work on an iPad?

A. Yes. BizScheduler works on any Internet capable device, including iPads and other tablets, Macs or computers running Windows, and even phones. Because BizScheduler runs in the cloud, you can access your customer information and schedules from anywhere, not just your office or home computer.