QuickBooks Logo Integration

“The integration between BizScheduler and QuickBooks Online is seamless. It has saved me hundreds of hours by connecting my customer database and job schedule to my bookkeeping software. It is so important to accurately invoice your customers in a timely fashion. That’s what the integration between Bizscheduler and QuickBooks Online does. It helps your company’s accounting processes with fewer steps than you are used to doing. ”
Ryan Lund
Klean Kata Window Cleaning LLC

Customers, Invoices, Payments

BizScheduler smoothly integrates with QuickBooks by creating/updating Customers and sub-customers (aka jobs), creating Invoices, and applying Check, Cash, or Credit Card payments to Invoices as needed. If you use Intuit Payments, BizScheduler will process credit card payments for you.

Online or Desktop

BizScheduler integrates with both QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Desktop.

Automatic service item creation

If you add a new service item in BizScheduler, we'll create it for you in QuickBooks automatically.

Automatic sales tax item creation

If you charge sales tax, BizScheduler will automatically create the sales tax items in QuickBooks and apply to invoices.